Brick Pavers

Brick walkway pavers are available for purchase!

Brick Pavers As you walk the grounds of the outdoor Sanctuary, you can see the hundreds of pavers creating the sidewalks. They are remembrances of family, family members, and friends both living and deceased. Brick pavers are installed in the spring for all to see. Two sized of pavers are available: an 8″x8″ large paver ($200/ea.) and a 4″x8″ small paver ($100/ea.). Orders must be received by April 1 of each year in order to make the springtime installation.

Order your brick paver today!

Large Brick Pavers


8" x 8"

8 inch by 8 inch brick paver

Small Brick Pavers


4" x 8"

4 inch by 8 inch small brick paver